A People Person - Musings on culture, leadership and management from a person trying to figure out people

Are you a people person?

I’m Roxanne Petraeus, the CEO and co-founder of Ethena, and I'm starting this newsletter to talk about people. Why? As a former consultant, I’ll give you three reasons:

  1. People are super interesting. 
  2. Every business problem really comes down to getting the right people in a room and making sure they tackle the problem, not each other.
  3. I learn by writing.

With this biweekly (the kind that means every other week) newsletter, I'm going to share one thing I learned about leading people. Sometimes, it's something I learned by doing. Other times, it'll be something I learned through a conversation with a smart person, whether in tech/startup land, the military, academia, and all the other places people hang out. 

Would love for you to join me.


— Roxanne
CEO & Co-founder, Ethena

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