Code of Conduct training built for modern teams



As more organizations go hybrid or remote, employees may have fuzzy boundaries around what’s appropriate and what’s not between workplace and personal life.

With Ethena’s Code of Conduct training, go beyond generic training and provide employees with a more digestible format to understand what works and what doesn’t for their employer:

Go from dense to digestible: Break your code of conduct training up into digestible micro-lessons highlighting topics of your choice, delivered over time.

The right training at the right time: Deliver training on relevant topics when they matter most. Training on Gifts + Entertainment right before the holidays? A 5-min refresher training is already on the way to your team.

You need it now, or you will soon: Bring everyone up to speed. Public companies are required to have a code of conduct, and many private companies are creating their codes of conduct earlier.

Schedule time to see how Ethena’s Code of Conduct training can help compliance officers, legal and HR, and managers save time and set their teams up for success.